Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Blue Chair ~ Cape Cod Family Photographer

That's right.  I am actually writing a blog post about a chair.  Sometimes a piece of furniture just speaks to you, ya know?!

New Year's Day, there I was still in my pajamas just hours from the start of my party, and I decided that my daughter just looked too cute and the lighting was just too perfect and the chair was just too awesome...forget getting ready, I had a photo shoot!

At first she played hard to get, and I was like "What do you mean you don't want to be a guinea pig and try out mommy's new prop?!?!

 Then she decided to reluctantly play along...

Then she had to go because she had a call from her agent :)

Then finally, she decided to try her hand at this whole photography thing!!!

And THIS has been the silliest blog post ever!!!  Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy life!  This was one of those times :)

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  1. So many great smiles &pictures! I had to laugh at the end! She is too funny, taking pictures of her baby. Just like her mommy!