Sunday, January 27, 2013

Keeping Busy...

Things have been a bit slow around here this past month as everyone rebounds from Christmas and dives right into cold and flu season (cough, cough!)

BUT, I have been staying nice and busy even if my camera hasn't!

I attended some workshops.  I am trying to improve my use of studio light AND my editing skills.  Both workshops were great and filled my head with things I can't wait to try out!  I will be looking for some clients to try out my new skills on so be on the lookout for some upcoming Casting Calls!

I have decided to do some rebranding to go along with my new (ish) business name.  So here it the logo you will see on all my photos now:

I think that it really shows the fun and whimsical side of me, which is me behind the camera!

Along with the new logo are new gift cards, a new blog header, a new timeline cover and much more!  All are coordinated and all are fun!  

In the works right now are some specials that I will be running, including a Newborn Special.  

I am also busy planning the set for my upcoming Easter Mini-Sessions which will be held in late February and early March in my home studio.

So, I have not been filling your newsfeed with daily doses of cuteness, but I HAVE been working behind the scenes to make a better Capturing Grace!

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