Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grace...Captured / Yarmouth MA Newborn Photographer

I was welcomed into the home of a wonderful family that I have met only once before.  As I walked around their cheerful home setting up for our newborn session, I was so happy to see what a loving home had been built for these children that she obviously loves so much!

As I photographed her precious new addition we talked about how much we love our kiddos, and how much she loves to cover her walls with photos and her little one's artwork.  

The newest member of the family was due to arrive today, but decided to come 12 days early :)  I am so blessed that I got to spend a long morning with this little angel!

This beauty decided to go easy on me and slept for most of the session!

I congratulate this sweet family of three on becoming four, and I know this little princess will bring you so much joy!

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  1. The new name looks good in the coner of these sweet photos!