Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best of 2012!

Not every photograph, and not every moment, will take your breath away.  But it's those that do that keep us moving forward, always wanting more!

My passion for photography began as a desire to take a moment and keep it forever, before it slipped through my fingers with the passing of time.

In the last six months I have created many images that I deem "breathtaking."  Sometimes it is the eyes that draw me in, or sometimes the look I have captured between two people that show how much love is shared.  Sometimes it is the symbolism, the way one image stands for so much that is right with the world.  Sometimes it is simply the colors, shapes and composition that makes me unable to look away.  Whatever it is those photos, those moments, are what keep me yearning for more.  

So what follows are my favorite images from 2012.  It was not easy to narrow them down, and I have a whole separate folder on my desktop of pictures I wanted to include.  But I forced myself to narrow it down to twenty-one photos.  So here they are!

These twenty-one photos will be loaded into an album on my Facebook page tomorrow (Monday) and people can vote for their favorite simply by clicking like on the photo.  You can like more than one photo, but you can't vote for a picture more than once.  Feel free to comment on the photos if you'd like to.  You can get to the page using this link:

OR, if you are not on Facebook you can vote on your favorite image here on the blog but you must leave your name for your vote to count (to ensure fairness.)  The winner is the image with the most votes and that person or family will win a free session with me to use in 2013.

I hope you enjoy! (pictures in random order)























  1. They're all so great! I really like 7&14. I love how they are sihloettes. But my all time favorite is still the baby lobster! Hahaha.

  2. OK, I put the photos up on FB today because I am sure people were itching to vote! My favorite of all time is #14, but I love them all!

  3. My favorite is #21 she is an angel

  4. #21 she is an angel !

  5. Aww, 21 is such a cuty! They are all nice but 21 steals my heart.

  6. This is Madeline and I vote #21 woohoo!

  7. #14 is my favorite. What a great shot!

  8. #21 so beautiful!

  9. #19 and #13 my favs

  10. I vote for #13 what a precious candid photo :)