Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Rose by any other Name...

Six months ago today I had a thought: I wonder what would happen if I started my own photography business?  So I created a business page on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  I had no expectations.  I had no plan for the future.  I simply had a desire to create pretty things and share them with others. 

It turned out that that spur of the moment decision was one of the most life-altering events of my life, surpassed only by the day I said “I do” and of course the birth of my daughter!  In the last six months my business has become like a second child that needs to be nurtured and cared for.  I have enjoyed watching my business grow, and take its first steps, and grow into something more than I ever dreamed possible.  And like any parent, I lay in bed at night imagining what the future will hold for it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do ANYTHING half way.  I throw my whole self into what I am doing until it becomes not just a job but WHO I am.  When I give a mom a disk of photos of her brand new baby, I also give her a small piece of my heart.  I have big plans for my business and its future.  I am starting by revisiting this poor, neglected blog!

I was thinking, “Portraits by Kristy” just doesn’t seem to be a special enough name for something that changed my world so much!  So I have decided that it needs a new name!  

The name MUST have the word “Grace” in it, both because that is my daughter’s name and also because I consider this business a treasured gift.  I have a couple of ideas that I will share throughout the next few days, but I want your opinions first!

And it is only fitting that I ask you, the people who helped my business grow, to help me rename my business.  And it wouldn't be ME unless there was a contest!

So here is how you enter:

  • Add your e-mail address to the "Subscribe by E-mail tab" on the right side of your screen right now.
  • Read this blog for the next week and interact by commenting with new name suggestions or give your opinions on the ideas given.
  • Next Sunday I will announce my new business name AND the contest winner here on my blog.  The winner will be randomly chosen by the people who have left comments and will have nothing to do with which name I choose!

Here's to the future!


  1. Checking to see if it works :)

  2. How about "Through Graceful Eyes"? I will try posting on blog too. Also, keep in mind, we follow you for your pictures, unless YOU want to I don't think any of us secretly say, "Wow, don't want to keep up with her since she's not blogging" Just don't think it's happening.

    1. Thank you Wendy :) Blogging is something I want to do because I enjoy writing and I have been wanting to go back to it for a while now!

  3. How about "Capturing Grace"?

  4. You have so many options available with the name "Grace"!! Maybe something like "Graceful Photography"? I'm going to keep thinking too! Good luck!!

  5. How fantastic! Happy 6 Months!!!

  6. 1. Finding Grace
    2. Graceful Moments
    3. For the Love of Grace
    4. The Eye of Grace
    5. Grace in Flight

    1. I like the Eye of Grace, it's cute!

    2. Graceful Moments was another I was considering:)

  7. Yay! 6months! Idk exactly how to work this yet, but it's Jasmine Torres:

    Here's a few ideas:

    A Saving Grace Photography
    Harmony &Grace Photography
    Beauty is Grace Photography
    Virtue is Grace Photography
    or Grace's Gifts Photography

  8. Timeless Grace Photography
    Gracefully Timeless Photography

  9. Graceful Expressions

  10. Smiles of Grace
    Graceful Smiles