Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Snapshot of Reality!

I am a mom.  And I am a photographer.  

I like to think I am a pretty good mom.  My daughter is generally fed 3 times a day.  Her clothes are washed occasionally.  She is bathed daily.  She is only minimally exploited for the sake of my business.

I also like to think I am a pretty good photographer.  I generally produce photos where no one's head is cut off.  I can usually edit photos in a way that the subjects are still recognizable.  I can even shoot in manual!

But when you combine both of those things together there is often trouble....  
             Mom + Photographer = Epic Fail!!!!!!! 

Why?   Because my child will NOT listen to me nearly as well as your child will listen to me!  And here is what (hilariously) results:

First the child will not look at the camera because she is ENTHRALLED with her "pretty new shoes."

Then she stands up and sits down and stands up and sits down 15 times because the overturned crate being used as a stool makes her "bum hurt."

Then she becomes fascinated with the ruffles on her dress which results in ONE adorable shot...

And a bunch that look like this:

So then I threw a stuffed duckie into the mix and got some cute shots :)

So Grace was bribed (excuse me, rewarded!) with the universal symbol of toddler peace!

But as all parents know, the peace cannot last forever!

Somehow, "lay on your belly" is a really difficult concept to understand, even with Daddy modeling!

So I got some of this...
and this...
and this...

And finally some decent shots!

So you see, it's not just you!  When you bring your child to me and want me to take lovely photos, then get embarrassed because he or she JUST WON'T SIT STILL...

I just want you to know that I have been there.  And that despite the insanity of a toddler, they are so darn cute!


  1. hahaha! You are a great mom &you are a great photographer! These pictures are going to be so special to her someday. She is such a little character!!! Love these!

  2. I love this blog! Every mom should read.

  3. I know that symbol of toddler peace!!!